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​2020 Sullivan County Rotary Corn Festival Entertainment Gate Admission Fee.

The Sullivan Rotary Club will be accessing an Entertainment Gate Admission Fee for the
nightly entertainment held at Central Plaza September 16-19, 2020.

Admission will be $10 to purchase a bracelet (ticket) for the performance each night.
A pre- sale 4-Day Pass value bracelet will be available for $25. That will admit anyone wearing
it all 4 days of the Entertainment. Any patron 16 years of age or younger will be admitted free of charge.

The gate fee will help pay for the many expenses (security, electrical improvements, trash
removal, and restrooms) incurred to produce the yearly Festival that has seen record growth for 3
years in a row!

It is our sincere desire to improve and grow the Festival every year to be one of the premiere
Festivals in the State of Indiana.

We look forward to welcoming each and everyone of you to the 2020 Sullivan County Rotary
Corn Festival featuring the first class Luehrs Amusements, a stellar Parade line-up, a fun Turtle
Derby, Free Corn Feed, and World Class Entertainment Nightly!

Thank you,

2020 Sullivan County Rotary Corn Festival
Sullivan Rotary Club

Carnival Bracelets are closed

  • Springer Insurance - 823 N Section St.
  • Hand Picked Cars - 1000 N Section St.


Entertainment Bracelets are closed

  • ​Springer Insurance - 823 N Section St.
  • Hand Picked Cars - 1000 N Section St.

Pre-sale bracelets are for $25 each.

Corn Festival T-shirts sales are closed

  • Springer Insurance - 823 N Section St
  •  Hand Picked Cars - 1000 N Section St.

Turtles sales are closed

  • Springer Insurance - 823 N Section St. 
  • Hand Picked Cars - 1000 N Section St.

Turtles are available for $10 a head.

Carnival Rides-CANCELED
Luehrs’ Ideal Rides from Belleville, Ill will provide the carnival attractions at the Sullivan Rotary Corn Festival this year. Luehrs’ President Andy Schoendienst said the company will bring its giant Ferris wheel, the Wiggle Worm ride and other attractions to entertain all members of the family. They will also bring all your favorite fair foods including elephant ears, funnel cakes, lemonade, corn dogs, cotton candy and so much more. Advance sales of bracelets will be at local Sullivan businesses listed above. Visit Luehrs’ Ideal Rides website for festival coupons.

Free Rotary Corn Feed-CANCELED
The Sullivan Rotary Club’s annual tradition of the Corn Feed will take place on Saturday, September 19th after the parade for 2 hours on the Courthouse Square. All are invited for free ears of corn with the fixings. Over 1,000 ears of corn will be given out to festival goers to guarantee that no one is left empty-handed. 

Rotary gets big help from Mr. & Mrs. Lee.  Thank you to everyone who volunteers to make the Corn Feed such a success.

Elementary Student Chalk Drawings-CANCELED
Every year during the Corn Festival, the Sullivan Downtown Square is decorated by students from Sullivan Elementary School and The Master's Class.  Starting Friday night, everyone can view these amazing chalk drawings!

The 63rd Sullivan Rotary Corn Festival parade will be held Saturday, September 19, 2020. The Parade form will be available soon.

Parade Registration Form and Parade Rules-CANCELED
Springer Insurance Back Building 823 N. Section Street, will be accepting registrations Monday thru Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm and in the front building on Saturday 9:00 am-12:00 pm.

Tents & Stands-CANCELED
The Sullivan Rotary Club would like for your organization, non-profit or business to be part of the festivities at the Sullivan Rotary Corn Festival by having a tent or stand. Rotary has obtained permission and responsibility for exclusive rights to the Sullivan City Square and one block immediately adjoining for the entire week of September 13th through September 19st. Our 2020 Tents and Stands Application will be available soon. 

Tents & Stands registration form-CANCELED

We encourage people to fill-out application and pay online thought this site.

You can deliver this form with Payment to Patrice Hand at Hand Picked Cars in Sullivan, Indiana. Or you can deliver it to Amber Carroll at First Farmers Bank and Trust, or email a copy of the completed and signed form to and pay with PayPal online. Tents and stands space is allocated on a first come first serve basis, the club reserves discretion in allocation of space sizes, locations, and utilities among vendors as the club determines in the club’s sole discretion to be most equitable for all vendors. The club will designate your space before you set up your tents or stand. The club strictly prohibits moving or trading of spaces.

Tim Olson Futurity Turtle Derby
Entries in the Tim Olson Futurity Turtle Derby named after the longtime Sullivan Jaycee whose appearance in local businesses every September hawking turtle Derby entries heralded the impending festival will be whistled to the starting gate on Section Street at the Parade Reviewing Stand at 11 AM on Saturday, September 19th. The Parade Reviewing Stand will take place at the Sullivan Furniture parking lot. 

The turtles will compete in heats of ten each, with the number of heats dependent upon how many backers buy turtles.  Owners of each heat’s winners are awarded a Henry Bobe's Trattoria Italiano gift certificates as their winnings.  
For more information contact Springer Insurance at 812-268-4711 or email at
Turtles are available for $10 a head. 
See local business locations above to purchase turtles.